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Silly Little Pilgrims

I'm familiar with american history but I'm just starting to realize fully that we really still live in a society with some real puritanical roots. I honestly grew up thinking that people really were free to express themselves and their sexuality. But that idea is really not congruent with the fact that something as innocuous as breasts are deemed too offensive to be shown on television or be seen in public. They're just boobs for god's sake! How can any reasonably intelligent person be that offended by the sight of a nipple? How can people really think that Janet Jackson's tit for two seconds is going to corrupt the moral fiber of their children? That kind of repressive thought is not only obnoxious, it's counterproductive. When you demonize sex and the human body you create the kind of hypersexualized behavior and media that is really unhealthy. If it wasn't such a big damn deal to see nudity, then ...well, it wouldn't be such a big deal. People wouldn't have such a childish giggling reaction to the slightest suggestion of normal sexuality. Grow up, people. I'm talking to you America. Whatever your beliefs are about sex and it's place in your life you can't continue to suppress other ideas and force people to cover completely arbitrary parts of their bodies for no reason other than that they turn you on a little. So seriously, take your shirt off ladies. Maybe if people saw breasts more often american men wouldn't have such a schoolboy reaction to them. I'm not saying tits aren't awesome or totally hot, but so what? Come on people, loosen up. Society will not crumble if people swim naked or see the occasional naked ass now and then.
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