_youngpilgrim (_youngpilgrim) wrote in 2minuteshate,

prop 2

Hello, new member here. ^_^ I live in Texas, and prop 2 was voted on Tuesday. Unforunately, it passed with 76%. Of course, being a part of the bible-belt, Texas was guaranteed to pass this, so it wasn't much of a surprise. Even if it hadn't passed, it wouldn't have made any difference about gay marriages anyway. I really don't see what the point was in voting on that...it was more like just a poll. Annnyway. I couldn't vote, cause I'm only 17, but I kept insisting that my mom vote against it, which she did. Personally, being a Christian and all, I think being gay is a sin. But also... I do not think the government is in any place to tell anyone it's wrong. By not legalizing gay marriage the government is basically waving the bible in homosexual's faces, and I do not believe it is right at all for the government to favor any religion whatsoever. Opinions?

Update: I just recently learned that not only did it pass in my state with 76%, but it passed in my county with 92%. Geez.
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