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Politics For The Urbane

Two Minutes Hate
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Two Minutes Hate is a term taken from the famous (Infamous) Orwell novel, 1984, and for those who are unfamiliar with the book, is explained below. **

This community is obviously not a two minute session of violent outbursts aimed at the fictitious Emmanuel Goldstein, but is simply a melting pot political discussion community.

Need To Know

Heated Debates, Hot Topics and Controversial Subject Matter are the meat of our discussion. Opinions, Emotions, Experiences, Disagreements, Differing opinions and the like are strongly encouraged.
Name calling, threats, personality bashing, personal insults SPAM! etc are not allowed.

I don't believe in censorship in general. I have no language requirements. No age restrictions, and no topics (as long as they are ON TOPIC!) are taboo. I do ask if posting any possibly offensive photographs, or anything too heavy to be posted behind a descriptive cut tag for members who happen to be browsing at work or school, or anywhere privacy may be limited.

When posting articles or snippets, please provide a link to the source in your post. Longer articles please use a cut. For sources not online, please state your source/author etc. (For books, print, etc).

Off Topic
Off Topic posts aren't allowed. We don't want to hear about your birthday, your mom's new lesbian lover, or your new community (no spam. If there is one tiny ounce of spam in your post, it's gone). That's why you have a personal journal. Use it.

This is a completely open community meant for those from all walks of life, all opinions, religions, political views, race, age, etc. Don't be shy to join because the current topic is anti-. There is room for everyone! I'm not into discussion between a bunch of people with the exact same opinion, sitting around kissing each other's asses. What's the point? We are here to learn, discuss, and hey, maybe even make a small bit of difference somewhere.

Don't be afraid to jump in! And don't be afraid to ask any questions.

If you can't follow the simple guidelines....The Ban Button is my friend :)

I've listed every political party in the US that I can think of off of the top of my head in the "Interests" section of the community profile. If you know of any I have left out, please feel free to comment here and I will add it.

** Two Minutes hate was a tool of the party, used on a frequent basis to whip up party members into an orgiastic frenzyThe image of Goldstein is used as the personification of evil; someone at whom party members can vent their fury and frustrations. The premise behind this is simple; it focuses attention away from the hardships of everyday life and serves a useful purpose for the party in that the emotions of hate,loathing and fear can be dangerous and difficult to control.Direct these emotions away, at someone or something else and the security of the party is never seriously challenged. This is the same reasoning as attempts to 'abolish' the orgasm, mentioned later in the book.The image of big brother that appears on the telescreen at the end of the two minutes hate is there to asure party members that they are safe as long as they are faithful to the party. (Explanation found on an Orwell discussion site, as I couldn't quite put it into words).

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