Beretta (beretta) wrote in 2minuteshate,

The Tookie William's Fan Club

I'll be absolutely candid here; I've had it up to the gills with these assface celebrities allover the TV the past few days campaigning for Tookie. Most notably Snoop Dogg and Jesse Jackson to be exact are the most guilty parties. I've heard Snoop Dogg call him "Our Martin Luther King" and Jesse Jackson has compared him to Nelson Mandela. If they want to be against executing him thats fine, but it gets under my skin that people are trying to prop him up to be something that he is not.

Bottom line: I've had enough of these idiots trying to deify a convicted murdering bastard. He shot several people to death in cold blood in the course of robberies and to even imply that he is somehow morally on the level with people such as Mandela or Martin Luther King is beyond ignorant. I really do pity people who cannot distinguish the difference between Martin Luther King and multiple murderer. And then to try and pawn off the idea that Tookie is somehow the equal of MLK Jr. or Mandela is just an insult to our intelligence.

So I want to send out a special "Get a brain you fucking morons" to Snoop Dogg and Jesse Jackson.
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I am for the death penalty.


I'm against waiting 20 goddamn fucking years to do it. Fuck this appeal shit, be goddamn sure enough you have the right person, sentence them, and get the execution OVER WITH. Or have a damn limit on appeals. Limit the amount of appeals, and a time period. No more than 5 years. Anything else, and it's ridiculous.

20+ years is insane.

I do not believe he has been rehabilitated. If he would open his fucking mouth and get with the police about the gang information, his "Anti-Gang" message would be more believable. If he honestly cared about keeping kids out of gangs, he'd be worth letting free - he'd be able to do a lot of good. I just don't think all of his actions match with this claim, so good riddance!
Okay. I'm not really sure what's going on here, but it sounds pretty ridiculous if a murderer is being compared to Martin Luther King.
It was on a soundbyte on CNN or something that I saw. But you can also read it at this article towards the bottom of the page.
Yeah, that *is* Bull shit.

I don't think any man should be death-sentenced, period. Killing a murderer for his crime 21 years after it has been comitted is insane and absolutely crap.
the death sentence itself is fucking stupid, and all the statistics show it does not work as a better detterant than jail time, so whats the fucking point?

I also love how Right Wing "pro-lifers" almost universally support the death penalty. Apparantly a single cell organism with the "potential" to be a human is worth more than a human who has done wrong. idiots.
It's debatable how much of a deterrent it is. But one thing for sure is this. Tookie looks pretty much 100% permanently deterred to me. So you can be sure, Tookie Williams will never ever commit a crime forever. Not to mention the taxpayers of CA don't have to pay a dime to keep him alive anymore.

The left wing can be just as hypocritical, people on the left almost always support abortion, but oppose the death penalty. That doesn't make any sense either. It's okay to kill a baby and is viewed as a right, but putting a murdering bastard to death is some kind of ghastly injustice.

Well, if the point of the department of corrections is actually to rehabilitate people and "correct" them, the death penalty pretty much stops any chance at "fixing people". Rather than focus on kiling people and jailing minor drug offendors, let's actually adress these social problems.
Corrections is just a PC term for prison. Some people are put through a rehabibilitation program while in prison, some are simply there for punishment.

Tookie crossed a line and that earned him the death penalty. He deserved it.
You should post more. Everyone else is dumb :(
I was thinking about making a post about all this business with Denmark and that cartoon.