Beretta (beretta) wrote in 2minuteshate,

The Tookie William's Fan Club

I'll be absolutely candid here; I've had it up to the gills with these assface celebrities allover the TV the past few days campaigning for Tookie. Most notably Snoop Dogg and Jesse Jackson to be exact are the most guilty parties. I've heard Snoop Dogg call him "Our Martin Luther King" and Jesse Jackson has compared him to Nelson Mandela. If they want to be against executing him thats fine, but it gets under my skin that people are trying to prop him up to be something that he is not.

Bottom line: I've had enough of these idiots trying to deify a convicted murdering bastard. He shot several people to death in cold blood in the course of robberies and to even imply that he is somehow morally on the level with people such as Mandela or Martin Luther King is beyond ignorant. I really do pity people who cannot distinguish the difference between Martin Luther King and multiple murderer. And then to try and pawn off the idea that Tookie is somehow the equal of MLK Jr. or Mandela is just an insult to our intelligence.

So I want to send out a special "Get a brain you fucking morons" to Snoop Dogg and Jesse Jackson.
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